I'd like to consider investing with Jumani Holdings. How do I find out more?

We ask you to provide some basic contact details initially and to agree to comply with a confidentiality agreement that protects both parties. Thereafter we discuss your requirements in further details by face or by email or Skype and then prepare a proposal by email or letter detailing our services with potential investment opportunities available to you. We then leave you to review these before advising us which of the services and opportunities you wish to proceed with.

I've found an opportunity I'd like to invest in. What's the procedure?

First we invite you to complete an application form. Following some simple security and statutory money laundering checks, you will be contacted by one of our Consultant who will establish the structure for the investment property to be acquired. Once you have released the investment funds to the conveyancing solicitor, your name will be formalised as owner or first charge. Your name or company (Depending on structure) remains in place until the time the property is sold and funds returned.

What happens when an investment deal is completed?

At the end of the financial year, Jumani Holdings will prepare accounts for the property. At the end of the investment term, we will prepare completion accounts. The funds will be returned minus deduction of fees. The distribution of profits are afforded to the investor.

Can I lose my money?

Prior to an opportunity being offered to investors, each potential investment property is valued for purchase and sale by either of our professional valuers Independent RICs valuers. Your investment is protected by the value’s indemnity policy. However we usually only purchase Real Estate on the basis of the market value we are covered with various exit strategies on the basis of value creation and a worst case scenario which protects the equity placed in the purchase.

Depending on which service is selected until a property is acquired, your funds are held in either a Fund or a UK escrow account. They are then used to purchase a property you have accepted to invest in. Your funds are either protected in a dedicated bank account or used to purchase an investment property. At no time are your funds being used for any other purpose.

The only expenditure made during the course of a transaction may include rates, property insurance and security. A development site may, of course, incur development expenses which are identified prior to any investment commitment.

What happens if I change my mind, or if I need to withdraw my money?

If you wish to sell you must give first option to Jumani Holdings for the sale of the investment . If Jumani Holdings or the other shareholders are not interested, you may sell the property to a third party however depending on the type of service you have selected and property we will always endeavour to provide the best solution for you to realise your funds.

The examples returns on investment seem very high. Are they too good to be true?

That’s sometimes a reaction to examples of the investments and the returns they have generated. However, they are real examples, with actual costs and returns. And they are proof of the skills and experience which the team at Jumani Holdings will bring to bear on its chosen opportunities.

Each transaction is different, assessed and managed on its own merits. The constant factor is the application of Jumani Holdings insight, perception and business instinct combined with excellent market intelligence.

Please note that Jumani Holdings cannot guarantee a specific return on your investment, nor a fixed timescale.

How do I find out about investment opportunities?

The first step is to give us a call or drop us an email and one of our experienced consultants will discuss your situation and requirements with you. If after this you wish us to represent you, we will organise for you to register your interest formally with Jumani Holdings, completing a confidentiality agreement before any financial information is exchanged. You will also be contacted to verify compliance with money laundering regulations.