Based in Manchester, Jumani Holdings provides a specialist full turnkey solution to investor clients based in the Middle East. Founded by Managing Director, Jacob Jumani in 2004 the business has built a reputation of creating a simple yet seamless process for providing busy, successful professionals with reliable and up-to-date information to be able to make sound investment and wealth management decisions.

Our success is as a result of always delivering to our clients expectations and in a way that is transparent, timely and honest. We believe our position is secured through a highly personal service delivered by an experienced and dedicated team.


The latest downturn has created a lending crisis which has brought the property market to a near standstill. But in such a climate, acquisition opportunities are plentiful. Knowing which ones offer worthwhile potential, and knowing how to realise that potential, are the talents that distinguish Jumani Holdings.

Jumani Holdings’ advisors have extensive experience of operating in recessionary times. By seeking opportunities ‘outside the box’, by treating each new property transaction from an individual perspective and by application of four decades of experience, we have built an impressive track-record, yielding exceptional returns. We welcome investors who share our hunger for new opportunities to make better, safer returns. Today’s investors are looking for better returns than those available through conventional routes. We recognise this has shaped an investment concept that benefits from the advisors’ experience combined with the purchasing power of clients’ funds to negotiate substantial property acquisitions. Each of those acquisitions has the potential to deliver significant return on investment, with exceptional levels of security.

With an extensive network of contacts and comprehensive market intelligence, Jumani’s advisors constantly monitor a wide range of potential acquisitions, both long-term and on a more opportunistic basis. Typical investment opportunities include:

  • Developments that have failed to reach an exit
  • Properties that have failed to fulfil their letting potential
  • Developments that carry a significant difference between their value and their price
  • Off-market properties, secured through Jumani Holdings extensive network of contacts
  • Properties with value that can be unlocked or added to.
  • Strategical Land opportunities
  • The target investment cycle, from purchase to sale, is 12-24 months.


Jacob Jumani first started sourcing and investing in UK properties in 2004 with his first buy to let development. Since then Jacob has gone on to purchase, develop and sell more than 200 properties in around Greater Manchester and London. Jacob and his team of experienced real estate and asset management consultants are constantly looking for and reviewing strategical land and development opportunities as well as scouring the markets for below market value properties. This is Jumani Holdings core business and it is their passion and experience in the investment property industry that drives their success in their chosen field.